Near Il Cantone del Faro

A pearl necklace to be admired



International tourist center loved by famous writers and artists (Goethe, Maupassant , Rouel and others), Taormina will fascinate you with its streets, its natural beauty, its sea with the beautiful Isola Bella, its palaces, monuments and places of the past. Among them, the magnificent GreekTheatre. Founded by colonists, it was a Roman province and an Arab, Norman, Swabian, Angevin, Aragonese city. Then it became Sicily returning to the Hasburgs and to the Bourbons until 1860.

In this charming city, one of the most qualified Italian film summer events takes place, the Taormina Film Festival. It’s renowned for the participation of the most prestigious members of international cinema and for the spectacular open-air screenings in the background of the ancient Greek amphitheater .


The Castle of Calatabiano

One of the most fascinating sites on the east coast of Sicily: a castle built on the slopes of a fortress, on the ruins of ancient civilizations.

The landscape is lovely and charming with a spectacular view of the river valley formed by the combination of Alcantara and Taormina- Naxos.


Castelmola & Forza D’Agrò


Castelmola is a natural balcony over Taormina. A breathtaking view of the sea, with the mountain behind and a ruined castle on the inside, make sthis medieval village a very characteristic place.

Forza d’Agrò is a quaint village all to be discovered. From its viewpoints you can see the beauty of the coast. Situated on a mountaintop , its historic center, along with that of the nearby Savoca, was chosen in 1971 by Francis Ford Coppola for many scenes of “The Godfather” .


The highest volcano in Europe (3330 meters) and active since ever, Etna overlooks the Ionian Sea to the east, bordered by the river Simeto west and south, and by the Alcantara river on the north side.

This same river, through the ages and through the lava, gave birth to the beautiful Alcantara Gorges. During periods of intense volcanic activity, lava flows from hundreds of craters that can be found on its flanks.


Etna Park


Around the volcano lies a unique and unparalleled natural area rich of sounds, smells and colors, which extends from the summit of the volcano to the upper belt of Etna villages.

An enchanting landscape , protected by a natural park that anyone in Sicily can’t fail to visit.

The Alcantara Gorges

Located in the Alcantara Valley, the gorges are a spectacle that leaves you breathless . Created by ancient lava flows and plowed to the center from the icy and clear waters of the Alcantara river, this is a real natural canyon up to 50 meters high.

Famous is the beach at its entrance and it can be accessed either by the Botanic and Archaeological Park elevators or by going up the steps of Motta Camastra village.


Other nearby destinations


Within a radius of a few kilometers, you can find the beautiful baroque cities of Catania, Acireale, Syracuse, Noto, the Greek Theatre, the vestiges of Syracuse, Castle of Maniace and the Euryalus Castle. Also in the Syracuse area, the Necropolis of  Pantalica and the Vendicari’s Wildlife Refuge.

In the province of Enna, in addition to various archaeological sites, you can visit the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina with its marvelous mosaics .